Quick Tips

After Hair Transplantation

The process after hair transplantation will be in one year period after transplantation. The hair follicles that determine this time are returning to their normal and natural state.

After Hair Transplantation (1. 3. 6. Monthly), the typical people are examining the photos of the people who had hairtransplant. However, it is better not to believe it in the same process. Because hair transplantation is personalized and the healing process is sorted by person.

Hair transplantation is approximately takes four to eight hours. At the end of this period, the donor area is taped and the transplant area is left open. Three days were rested between sowing and hair washing. Immediately after sowing, there are skin particles at the bottom of the hair follicles, but this image becomes more normal in the the day after transplantation.

First Month After Hair Transplantation

The first week after hair transplantation is the most important period. Within this period, the doctor made recommendations. In the first weeks before the hair roots become stronger and settled in the transplant area in this period you need to take extra care. The first three days we suggest resting, the fourth day the hair suggested to be wash firstly in the hair  transplantation center. For 10 days after the first wash hair should be washed every day.Always wear a dark hat when you go out..Itching starts on the fourth day, and generally disappears into the tenth day. During this time, we suggest to continue to use antibiotics like prescribed. On the tenth and fifteenth days, crusts in the transplantation area should be completely cleaned.

Third Month After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation (1. 3. 6. Monthly periods), hair follicles tend to grow normally in the following months. However, the hair has a natural look like a person’s own hair, new hair begins to appear. The new hair is primarily seen in curly hair. However, the curly appearance for a year leaves its place to straight hair. In the third month after hair transplantation, hair loss treatments can be applied directly to the hair follicles and strengthening applications can be made. In addition, massage can be applied to accelerate the blood circulation in the area. In addition, some of the optional hair styling and care products can be used in this process.

Sixth Month After Hair Transplantation

The time after hair transplantation is as important as the operation process. In this process, what should be done and what should not be done should be learned and followed in detail. If there is any question, contact the doctor who is in charge of the operation. After the hair transplantation in the sixth month and later periods, the hair has a lush and natural appearance. In order to ensure that the desired effect is prolonged after sowing, applications such as medication and hair care are beneficial.

            Author: Onur Gürcan Ergen MSc. PH.Dr.S