Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

How to do Beard Transplant

Today, with the increase in processes such as hair transplantation, beard transplantation, which is the most successful method as a result of the pessimism that men complain the most, has also taken its place in the agenda in a short time. Although the absence of hair in the beard and mustache area is due to genetic factors, it is also possible to lose hair in this area due to hormones or accidents such as burns.

The method applied for this is similar to hair transplantation, by transplanting the hair follicles obtained from scalp to the required areas. Although it is not a very difficult process, post-transplanting care causes you to restrict your life for a certain period of time and you need to wait for a short period of recovery. As a result of paying attention to all these processes, you will be able to get a bearded look in a short time and recreate your style.

Before the beard transplantation, our specialist Dr. Ahmet AYIK (M.D.) will collect the hair follicles from the nape or temple area in order to adjust the color, angle and direction of the hair to be planted well. After selecting the most suitable, beard transplantation is completed with the collected hair follicles. It will be inevitable that you will be able to skip the process without any problems by performing your care in accordance with the instructions given by the doctor after the planting.

For those who have rare beards, sowing can be done to increase the density of the hair. Do not waste time to perform these planting operations at affordable prices, which allows you to experience the happiness of reaching the image you want in front of the mirror!

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