DHI Hair Transplant


Direct hair implantation (DHI) is a hair loss treatment method that offers to implant follicular units directly after the harvesting them from donor area with a special pen shaped device.  Choi pen is the most popular brand for DHI hair transplant in Turkey. Generally DHI method has been using for

  • Thinning hair areas reconstruction and restoration;
  • Receding hairline reconstruction and restoration;
  • Scar reconstructions on head
  • Female pattern hair loss according to Ludwig Scale from I-1 to I-4
  • Male pattern hair loss


DHI Hair Transplant intervention generally takes 6-8 hours. In one session surgeons able to implant mostly 2000-2500 follicles. There is no need to shave the reception area. It has been performed under the local anesthesia.


The DHI Hair transplant cost is relatively more expensive than Micro FUE hair transplant procedure.