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We answered the questions you wondered about DHI Hair Transplantation in our center serving in Istanbul.

Be able to apply successfully for many years in Turkey Hair transplantation is encouraging people to make hair transplantation safely. The most important among those who are curious about hair transplantation is whether or not they will suffer much after the procedure, but there are many techniques that can confuse them.

Besides the options such as DHI hair transplantation, FUE, which of the methods applied manually is determined by your doctor.

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What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

The difference of the DHI hair transplantation technique from the others is done by placing the hair follicles in the area to be transplanted with a needle called Choi needle used during hair transplantation without opening the channel.

Similar to the FUE method, it is possible to receive treatment with minimum trauma thanks to this technique, which offers hair transplantation to its patients in the safest form without requiring any operations such as cuts, stitches, among its most important features. Thanks to placing the collected hair follicles inside the needle, it prevents the weakening of the roots in isolated environment outside the skin, and ensures that the hair is more  vital attached to the area to be transplanted, and as a result, high successful and natural results.

Although this method, which should be applied by experts in its field, takes time because it is a very sensitive technique, the results are satisfactory. Moreover, since it does not require channeling, it also allows the scalp to heal in a short time.

The number of roots to be implanted in a single session is lower than in the FUE technique.

With DHI hair transplantation technique, it is possible to reach your new hair and natural appearance in a short time without any difficulty in small hair and small areas with less trauma. With Clinista DHI Hair Transplantation, it is the definitive solution to the regional hair thinning and regional hair loss.

(All surgical and medical procedures are performed by the MEDICAL DOCTOR at our center.)

In order to get good results in hair transplantation, the methods should be selected by your doctor, specific to the person and the situation. Proper planning before surgery is one of the most important factors affecting the result you will get. If you want to have DHI hair transplantation, you should definitely contact your doctor and find out your availability.

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