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Does biotin really helps to stop hair loss:

In this article, we have done academic research about biotin which is one of the nutritional supplements that are used very intensively. Biotin tablets are generally available in the market in the form of 2.500mg and 5.000mg.

In the literature, it is usually referred to as vitamin H or B-vitamin. Since it is dissolved in water, it usually does not accumulate in the body.

In a study by Shelley and Shelley;

Biotin has become a central vitamin for us, believed to be beneficial in hair growth. In the study, multiple carboxylase deffiency syndrome in infants with low levels of biotin, it is said that the growth of hair within weeks after the biotin application is said to be observed.  Biotin treatment is said to be a general consensus in all children with unexplained alopecia8 (hair loss) and hair weakness. [3]

Biotine also has a general idea that other researches can be used in various causes of hair loss, hair growth, and stimulation of hair follicles. Also a very safe supplement according to the known effects.

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Author: Onur Gürcan Ergen MSc. PH.Dr.S

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