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Top ten most popular FAQs

What is all inclusive hair transplant?

In some hair loss clinics, they make all inclusive packages for outcoming patients. Accomodation, transfer, medications, hair transplantation surgery are mostly included services at this packages. Also clinics have special discount on hotel, transfer etc. so it becomes more cheaper when its all included.

Best hair clinic in Turkey – Istanbul

All health proffesionals try to give the best service as possible to the patients. Best hair transplant clinic-hospital should be sterile, respect the health ethics and laws, tell the truth about possible results, and give affordable prices

Best hair replacement surgery

As far as we know best method for hair transplantation is Micro-Fue with 0,7-0,8 mm punches without scar tissues.

Cheap hair transplant

The prices are more or less same at clinics – hospital which gaves same service quality. Dont forget ; your health is not an expense it is an investment.

Female hair transplant

Micro-fue hair transplantation could perform women and men. Womens generally wants without shaved hair transplantation. In these type of operation we cut only a small part at donor area which is not visible from outside. And transplant those hair to the willing areas.

Hair transplant abdroad cost

In hair restoration we have got affordable prices which is 4-5 times cheaper than UK. But the methods, service, hospitals are in same quality. This is because of currency difference.

New hair transplant methods

The newest technique is Micro-Fue which is accepted as a gold standart from ihrs. The punches, surgical materials has improving day by day. As a clinista health services we are always following newest techniques and materials for you.

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) ?

PRP is used for quick healing of the scars and supporting quick hair growth.  PRP treatment helps weak hair follicles vulnerable to be loss to gain to be revitalized. In patients to whom a PRP treatment is applied, it has been observed that hair loss is relatively less in the area in the operation areae and the hair grows more strongly. In the hair transplant operation, scars of patients who had PRP support beforehand heal more quickly. After the operation the red spots and scabbed areas disappear quickly and hair growth capacity increases in the area in which the hair is transplanted.

PRP has lots of platelets gained from the blood of the patient. Blood is drawn from the patient before the procedure and PRP is obtained. When the patient’s own blood is used there is no need for measuring the immune response. Also, PRP does not cause any allergic reaction.

PRP in hair transplantation

PRP has three roles in hair transplantation:

  1. Revitalizing hair follicles after the hair transplantation procedure (FUE with PRP support)
  2. Enabling the quick growth of hair after hair transplantation
  3. Enables growth and stimulation of the transplanted hair follicles.

Some time is required before transferring the area from which hair follicles are taken to the recipient area. This process is important for hair follicles to live.

Extracted hair follicles are stored in specially prepared absorption rooms for this purpose.

In a new method, PRP added to the container or the follicles are multiplied directly with a PRP-solution which takes its positive effect very quickly.  The injection of PRP liquid contributes to the life of hair follicle and helps quick healing of scars and helps the growth of hair follicles by stimulating them.

Are there any side effects of PRP?

PRP liquid contains the patient’s own blood. There is no allergic reaction or infection risk. Principally it is similar to donating your own blood. The effect of PRP treatment can be different for each recipient. PRP treatment has a supplementary effect. The results of treatment will be seen in time after the treatment. This treatment only supports physical healing.

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