Hair Transplant

Global surgery: Hair transplant

In this blog we wrote about globalisation of hair transplant and its history.

According to the articles first hair transplant surgery has been done in Japan by dermatologist Dr. Okuda. He tried to transplant hair follicles in burn victims.

  • In 1943 another Japan dermatologist, Dr. Tamura has refined Dr.Okuda’s technique by using smaller punches.
  • In 1952 a New York dermatologist Dr. Norman Orendrich performed first known hair transplant in US
  • By the 1960’s hair transplantation had found forever place in cosmetic surgery field
  • At the mid 1990’s hair transplant has become a popular operation in world.
  •  The advent of follicular unit micro grafting or follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction has made hair transplantation a virtually undetectable.

Nowadays hair transplant has become most preferred operation globally. Within global world people start to travel for having hair transplant operation abroad.Most people are searching for best hair transplant clinics all over the world via internet and social media.

If we are talking about global operation let’s have a look how we say hair transplant in different languages.

  • Italian – Trapianto di capelli
  • French – Greffe de cheveux
  • Spanish – Transplante de pelo
  • German – Haartransplantation
  • Arabic -زراعة الشعر
  • Latin – Capillos capillum traducere
  • Portugese – Transplante de cabelo
  • Greek – μεταμόσχευση τρίχας
  • Russian – пересадка волос

Hope you like our blog about the history and globalisation of hair transplantation