Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant and Pain

Is Hair Transplantation a Painful Procedure?

¬†Hair loss, which is one of the aesthetic problems frequently encountered by people of all ages, can cause permanent damage to people’s aesthetic appearance as a result of intense occurrence. Especially when you see your hair decreasing in front of the mirror, it will be inevitable that you will despair and lose your self-confidence. Although you use many care shampoos, minoxidil, vitamins etc. as a solution, realizing that you cannot prevent the reduction in your hair will be directed to the hair transplant operation where the most reliable methods are applied. The question often asked by people who are researching the method of hair transplantation “Is hair transplantation a painful procedure?”

It is People who want to perform hair transplantation without affecting daily life, the most fearful transplantation process and the problems of experiencing pain afterwards can often result in giving up hair transplantation. However, in the reliable hair transplantation centers, which consists of experts in their field, they aim to carry out the necessary medical procedures so that people can get through the treatment process in the most comfortable way with many medicine and anesthetic cocktails to control pain and fear to leave the center with the soft process. With all this in mind, you no longer need to worry about your hair loss and pain! Since hair transplantation is usually done under local anesthesia, the procedures are concluded by having a pleasant time by chatting with your doctor during all procedures.


Hair Transplant and Pain

  • Is hair transplantation a “Painful” procedure?

When you come to the first examination, you will be able to start the treatment process in peace after learning the questions you asked in detail. During the hair transplantation process, anesthetic drugs are injected into the area to be treated, and the numbness of that area is observed in a short time and the patient is prevented from suffering during all procedures. Also we know that panic, fear and mental stress can raise feeling the pain.In our center our Doctor’s will examine you about psychological stress before surgery to give sedative or anti-anxiolytic medicines. So you can feel peace of mind during the procedure without pain and fear.

  • I have “Panic Dissorder” can i have hair transplantation?

Yes of course, if you are under Anti-depressant therapy you can use your medicine in the day of operation too. If you are using anxiolytic medicines tell this to your doctor before surgery. Your surgeon can increase the dose or can give you other drugs to has maximum safety. With the help of medicines and your doctor’s uplifting support we guarantee you SOFT procedure, without any panic dissorder.

  • I have “Hemophobia” (Blood Phobia) can i have hair transplantation?

Yes of course you can have your surgery with peace of mind. You will not see any blood with the high effort preventation, also some mild anxiolythics.


All these problems can be prevented by raising the awareness of the people who compromise their appearance just to avoid suffering.

You can share the happiness of people who express their satisfaction as a result of hair transplantation by examining the user reviews on the internet. It will be the best choice to trust the expert teams for these procedures that are done by keeping your health and comfort in the foreground. If you are tired of encountering your hair that is shed in front of the mirror every day, you should get acquainted with the hair transplantation method we offer and you can experience the happiness of reaching your old image in a short time.

Contact us to get more information about our new technique “Soft-FUE Hair Transplantation” without Pain and Fear.


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