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Dr. Ahmet AYIK – M.D. – Hair Transplant Surgeon -Clinista Hair Clinic

Ahmet Ayık, MD graduated from Erciyes University in 2010 from Faculty of Medicine. He started his masters degree at Beykent University Management Graduate Program in Health Institutions. He started working in September 06-2010 /01 March at  Turkish ministry of health  Pendik/ISTANBUL .In 01 March 2014 / 2015 he worked at  Via Hospital  Sancaktepe/ISTANBUL as a Emergency Physician. In 15 June 2016/ he worked in Anadolu Health Center in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Hospital,USA Gebze/ISTANBUL as a Emergency Physician. After getting to much experience on emergency and general medicine he started to get education about Medical Aesthetic procedures and Hair Transplantation in OKAN UNIVERSITY and AAAMS.

He get his degree in 2017 as a hair transplant surgeon from OKAN UNIVERSITY – Plastic Surgery Department. He made around 1.000+ hair transplant surgeries from 2017/2020. While hair transplantation He’s harvesting and openning channels by himself on every case. He like’s to the Manuel FUE and Micro-Fue operations. Also from his old degree at Emergency Medicine, he is very addicted about patient safety while the surgery. He has a special method named SOFT FUE. In Soft fue method he use some medicine cocktails to give the patient best comfort while the surgery.

Personal Traits            

Leadership skills, successful at planning and organization, team player, &determined, responsible, willing to take initiative, versatile No smoking,no alchol


Hair transplantation in Men

  • Micro-fue hair transplantation
  • Micro-fue beard transplantation
  • Micro-fue eyebrow transplantation
  • Micro-fue hair harvesting
  • Hair line designing
  • Scar revisions with micro-fue
  • Manuell-Fue hair harvesting
  • Sapphire-Fue channel trepanation
  • Slit channel trepanation
  • DHI implantation

Hair transplantation in Women

  • Micro-fue hair transplantation
  • Micro-fue eyebrow transplantation
  • Micro-fue hair harvesting
  • Hair line designing
  • Scar revisions with micro-fue

Hair transplantation in Children

  • Hair transplantation to burned or scarred areas of scalp

Medical Hair Loss treatments

  • PRP
  • CGF
  • Stemcell
  • Mesotherapy
  • Dutasteride – Finasteride
  • Minoxidil
  • Micro-circulation treatments
  • Botilinum toxin
  • Hyaluronic Acid fillers
  • Tissue filling

References and Certificates Available upon request

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