Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation Istanbul

With our Istanbul Hair Transplant Center serving you at Istanbul Okan University Hospital, it is now easier to reach the hair you dream of in a healthy and natural way.


Our Mobile Hotline: +90 554 711 7272


Hair transplantation is the most preferred treatment method for baldness and hair loss treatment today. Although many places serve under the name of “Hair Transplantation Center”, only some and / or a few of them have sufficient equipment for patient safety and health. In our center, all hair transplantation procedures are carried out in Okan University hospital, one of the most important training and research hospitals in Istanbul, in a fully sterile operating room environment and by our doctor Ahmet AYIK M.D. Do not make a decision without contacting us before choosing between Istanbul Hair Transplantation centers. The following images are completely owned by us and unauthorized use is prohibited.


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