Hair Transplant

How to do hair transplantation?

The method of hair transplantation, which is now preferred by people of all ages, is a surgical procedure that takes place with the hair follicles densely located in the donor region and transplanting them to bald areas.

Since the wounds occurred on the nape in the treatments with old methods, it prevented people from giving priority to hair transplantation. However, with the development of technology, it is now possible to get the hair you want in a short time without encountering scary results such as scars and stitches, thanks to the production of more painless and easy hair transplantation techniques.

How to do Hair Transplantation?

For those who are wondering, it is very important to take the first step to determine the hair structure and the method suitable for you. After determining the structure of your hair by determining what caused the loss, the transplantation process is now started.

So how is this Hair Transplantation done?

Firstly, local anesthesia is applied and the roots in the dense hair area are collected with micro-sized needles and placed in bald areas. These procedures are performed with many techniques such as DHI, FUE and manual FUE, and you should remember that the method that will be recommended by your doctor will be the best choice for you to get positive results.

The painless and minimal invasive transplanting process is completed by preventing the wounds that may occur with the necessary dressings. You can support the regrowth of your hair with medical shampoos as well as regular nutrition and vitamin usage.

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