Hair Transplant

Micro-Fue Technique

Micro FUE Technique

The Micro FUE technique, which is a highly developed and successful method, is one of the most preferred methods for hair transplantation centers. With this technique, you can have completely natural looking hair in a short time, painless and scarless.

One of the most frequently performed aesthetic operations today is hair transplantation. Hair loss problem is very preferred by men and women who live. It provides natural, healthy and bushy hair.

What is FUE Technique?

With the FUE technique, the samples taken from the patient’s own hair are transplanted to the bald areas. It is possible to get grafts from any part of the hair, but hairs on the nape of the neck are more suitable. This is done with special needles. The needle used in the process is called MICRO- FUE technique.

How to apply Micro FUE?

In this technique, grafts are taken with the help of needles. This is done with smaller needles that are half the diameter of the needles used in the FUE technique. It is known as micro FUE technique because micro needles are used. Double and triple grafts are taken from the places where hair is frequent. This is done by an expert.

These grafts are very sensitive. They are placed with micro pliers by using micro pliers. During placement, a balanced placement is made based on hair density and exit angles. It is ensured that all the hairs that are planted are compatible with each other and with your head. In this way, you will have healthy hair while you are getting a very natural image.


The FUE technique is not a surgical operation. In this way, patients prefer more. Since the hair follicles will be removed individually during the procedure, there will be no deep wounds or scars. There will not be any visible scars even after the operation.

This can be said to be more sensitive to FUE technique. Since the needles are used, micro-needles are less than half. Therefore, the healing process is shortened by two times. The same applies to the placement of grafts. So you will recover in a short time after the operation and return to normal.

The process allows you to get all natural hair. After hair transplantation you will be able to wash your hair the next day. In a time period of three, the process is completely over.

Who Is Applied?

Micro FUE technique is the least deformation. In this way, intensive hair loss can be applied to people. With 1-2 sessions, the hair problem will be completely eliminated.

Up to 4.500-5000 grafts can be taken in one session. Grafts taken are double or triple. In this way, up to 10 thousand hair transplantation is done with a single session. In a short time, you can have more intense and more natural healthy hair.

This method is the most advanced and successful method of hair transplantation.

  Author: Onur Gürcan Ergen, MSc, PH.Dr.S