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Pregnancy and Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a clinical condition in women. The reason for this is thought to be the deterioration of the hair cycle with the hormonal changes occurring before and after the birth. In this article, we will talk about a study conducted in Chigaco Lying-In hospital in 26 white women before and after birth. A control group of 30 people was formed for this group. During the examination, hair follicles were examined using Van Scott and Reinertson method.

During the examination, 100 hair strands from these groups were removed with the help of a surgical knife and the roots were examined. During the examination, the hair follicle was seen in the hair loss rate of 5% in non-pregnant women.  In the examined pregnant women, hair was found in the shedding phase of 7% of the pregnant women between 6-9 months. 5 days after birth, the number of hair in the spill phase was 12%. After 6 weeks, it increased to 30%. It was observed that the spill phase was stopped at the 3rd month after birth. In another subject, the rate of hair growth in the 8 months of pregnancy was 87%. This rate decreased to 85% at 9th month. 5 weeks after the birth, there was an incredible change in the hair in the growth phase and the rate dropped to 56%. But this rate increased up to 72% after 5 months.

Hair loss, clinically evident because of a large amount of shed hair, with slight diffuse alopecia, began four months postpartum and lasted for two months. By eight months postpartum, the differential count of hair roots was back to normal.

Scalp hair roots were examined in women during and after pregnancy. These were compared with controls from non-pregnant women. The mean percentage of anagen hairs in nonpregnant women was 85. In pregnant women it was significantly higher. Postpartum it was significantly lower. Hair lost was normal telogen hair, without dysplastic changes

In this study, it was observed that there was no hair loss during pregnancy but it increased after birth. In general, this condition returns to normal between 3-6 months after birth.

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Author: Onur Gürcan Ergen MSc. PH.Dr.S