PRP & Mesotherapy


  • PRP is a Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. It’s biologic boost to healing process. It’s produced from your own blood. After collecting the patient’s blood, we centrifuge it with special kits to extract cells known as platelets. Platelets and liquid plasma contains many factors that are essential for healing and hair growth process of hair follicles. It has no risks. Generally patients start to results after 3-4 injections. It is virtually painless and quick treatment for hair loss. Also it can be used for after FUE hair transplant to improve healing process. Science studies show that PRP treatment may improve healing in many tissues.




  • Mesotherapy is intradermally injection of clinically proven active compounds to upper layers of skin. The compounds has been choosed by physicians to treat many types of hair loss problems. It should be considered in clinical practice and clinical research of physicians. Mesotherapy should only be administered in medical enviroment using sterile single use syringes and needles according to Standard hygene precautions. The active compounds has been used to treat hair problems such as; b vitamins, biotin, peptites, minerals and various effective molecules. The injection of mesotherapy to  treatment zones takes 10-20 minutes after pre-injection preparation. Mesotherapy is used in order to support hair growth for thinning hair as a hair loss cure . Our physicians will decide the coctails and sessions to treat your problems after consultations.