Hair Transplant

Surgical Planning in Hair Transplant

“Surgical Planning is the MOST IMPORTANT part of Hair Transplantation!” Dr.Ayık, Dr. Ergen


Many people who experience hair loss have been trying many methods to regain their former appearance. Short-term prevention of hair loss using care products and subsequent problems with hair loss are enough to make people unhappy. The hair transplantation centers that serve you for the most successfull solution allow for the appearance of hair in a short time, whether for any reason, baldness or loss of hair. Hair transplantation, which is preferred by men who have hair loss due to hormones especially as the age progresses, is a surgical method that results in hair that they have made to feel younger and indistinguishable from the original. Hair transplantation is undoubtedly a process that must be done at first and is necessary for you to get life long results.

Importance of Surgical Planning Before Hair Transplant

With the pre operative surgical planning before hair transplantation made by expert surgeons, it is decided which technique is most suitable during the treatment process by looking at whether the hair follicles are thin or thick stranded. In order to perform transplantation, prior evaluation of many factors such as hair density in the region where the hair follicles will be collected and the width of the bald region are has great importance for the success of the treatment.

Lack of surgical planning before FUE hair transplant could cause over harvesting, plugged look in hair line, or un natural results that are unacceptable.

You can be sure of delivering your hair transplant surgery to safe hands without risking it, thanks to experts who care a lot in terms of aesthetics as well as determining the hair lines according to the facial structure at the beginning.

Before you choosing your hair transplantation center, be sure that the surgical staff are qualified and certificated. Clinista Hair Clinic is a registered clinic with its certificated medical team where located in private university hospital @ Istanbul / Turkey

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