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Hair Transplantation Istanbul

With our Istanbul Hair Transplant Center serving you at Istanbul Okan University Hospital, it is now easier to reach the hair you dream of in a healthy and natural way. GET AN APPOINTMENT NOW Our Mobile Hotline: +90 551 ...

Hair Transplant

Surgical Planning in Hair Transplant

“Surgical Planning is the MOST IMPORTANT part of Hair Transplantation!” Dr.Ayık, Dr. Ergen   Many people who experience hair loss have been trying many methods to regain their former appearance. Short-te...

How to find the right clinic
Hair Transplant

How to find the right clinic?

Turkey has become a very popular hair transplant destination worlwide . This has been very pleasing for tourists who come to Europe and the Middle East massively and prefer our country in the context of health tourism. T...

Global surger Hair transplant
Hair Transplant

Global surgery: Hair transplant

In this blog we wrote about globalisation of hair transplant and its history. According to the articles first hair transplant surgery has been done in Japan by dermatologist Dr. Okuda. He tried to transplant hair follicl...

What are the best hair transplant centers in Turkey
Hair Transplant

What are the best hair transplant centers in Turkey?

As a Clinista International Hair Clinic we are working with 5B quality standarts. When you ask for Best hair transplant centers in Turkey; please have a look about this standarts. Because best service should be accessibl...

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Pregnancy and Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a clinical condition in women. The reason for this is thought to be the deterioration of the hair cycle with the hormonal changes occurring before and after the birth. In this article, we will tal...

Micro-Fue Technique
Hair Transplant

Micro-Fue Technique

Micro FUE Technique The Micro FUE technique, which is a highly developed and successful method, is one of the most preferred methods for hair transplantation centers. With this technique, you can have completely natural ...

What is Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant?

What is Hair Transplant? Hair transplant is the aesthetic operation that treats the baldness with surgical approach. According to “ISHRS” Micro-Fue is the best method in so far. The area in which the hair fol...

What To Do Before and After Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplant

What To Do Before and FUE Surgery

We are wondering how many people are searching for search before and after hair transplantation images on the search results before the hair transplantation. These are people who are interested in planting hair on their ...

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Many people ask same question everyday… The question is : Why Hair Transplant in Istanbul? Hair Transplant in Istanbul is the first choice for global hair transplantation destinations. Moreover, in this city, which...