Hair Transplant

What To Do Before and FUE Surgery

We are wondering how many people are searching for search before and after hair transplantation images on the search results before the hair transplantation. These are people who are interested in planting hair on their behalf or in the name of their environment, or who are considering doing it themselves.

When hair transplantation is first mentioned, it is normal to imagine the results of 15 days, 3 months, 6 months after many bald people have done hair transplantation. But this is only the aesthetic part. There are many issues to consider before and after hair transplantation. If there are diseases such as hormonal diseases, vitamin minerelle deficiency, anemia before hair transplantation, these should be treated medically. Drugs that are used later and known diseases should definitely be reported to the health center. Your hair transplant center will probably want some of your infectious disease and blood related values. Please submit them in full for proper treatment planning.

When you reach the end of your hair, you will need to follow the medical treatments, warnings and care that will be written to you. The process of recovery in your encephalopathy and in the sowing district is directly related to your correct treatment of this issue. Rareness and small openings can be seen in your incisions after hair transplantation. They usually disappear within 3 months. Feelings such as numbness, stiffness, itchiness, and tingling are also quite normal and time-consuming.

After the 3-day main recovery period is over, you should wash and moisten your hair every day with the recommended products. This will speed up your return to normal sooner.

The hair extensions usually begin to grow from the first day, 1-2. moon is a spill that we call shocking. Do not be afraid this spill is temporary. Your hair will start to grow stronger from the third month and will find its full form in 6-12 months.

When we first refer to hair transplantation afterwards, we only try to explain the process of hair transplantation and its afterglow by referring to these processes so that only the images related to the outcome of the mind come. Now is the most enjoyable time, so it’s time to share your photos. We decide here with your new hair …… we will have plenty of smiling happy tomorrows.